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Home Expertises

  • Indoor Map Generation and Prodution: advanced vector picture processing technologies designed for indoor map, including map generation, digitalisation and prettifying. The generated map is suitable for different platforms, like tablet and smartphone. 

  • Positioning Devices and Systems: using a combination of GPS, cellular and WiFi technologies to provide more precise and green positioning systems.

  • Remote Surveillance: using self-branded IP wireless camera to build user-friendly and domain-tailored remote surveillance system.

  • Wireless mobile networks: individual network technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi (IEEE 802.11), WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) and mobile cellular network solutions such as 3G (e.g., WCDMA or UMTS) and LTE.


  • Fixed IP networks

  • Intelligent service and application engineering

  • Cloud computing: mobile clouds

  • Mobile computing and mobile apps for smart phones and pads