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Home Solutions


Personal/Vehicular Tracer: GPS/Celluar-based positioning device, which is of the size of a 2p coin, is carried by an eldly people, a kid or a patient. The carer can use a mobile phone to get the location of the monitoree by simply choosing the name of the monitoree. The return message to the carer can be: "Tesco Shopper at Greenstead Road, Colchester, CO1 2TE". Relevant information about the location such as weblink and contact number may be returned as well depending on the location of the monitoree and the user preferences. The location can also be shown on a Google map. A vehicular version of the positioning device is available for easily being plugged into vehicle's circuit. Corresponding database, log file and management system are also available. More advanced functions such as ringfencing are also provided.

Taxi Positioning and Management System: a whole system incluidng both vehicular tracers on vehicles and backend vehicle posistion display, driver instruction and management system at the taxi company's control centre.

Location-aware Shopping Mall Information System: shopping guidance, floor layout and guidance, mobile advertising system, stock management, on-line shopping, a full wireless coverage of the shop, inforamtion sharing across shops, user online preview before buying, remote interaction of customers with retailer staff, etc.

Home multimedia portal: a full system enabling home users to retrieve multimedia content from most popular video website from an easy-to-use user interface; well categorized video to be controlled and displayed on any one of the three most used screens: computer screen, mobile phone screen and television screen. New features: no annoying advertisement at the beginning of each video clip; one-click or single stroke to move display to another screen.

Follow-me Handy Storage: to get access to your data files, music albums and video clips anywhere, anytime and on any device, and in a secure way; to share them with family members, friends or colleagues

Follow-me Screen: allows users to seamlessly switch between computer screen, mobile phone screen and television screen.

Comprehensive Content Management Systems: e.g., online shoping whole solution including shopping cart, secure payment, social network functionalities and location-based services.